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Thu 24 Jan 2019   Adil Sattar     Mileage | Performance  

There are a lot of additives available in the market and most of us consider them as extravagant expenditure and of little to no use. And most of them are just marketing and tall claims from lube companies. But this was not always the case. Back in the days, during the oil crisis of 1973 and 1979, there was a genuine need for the American consumer to abandon their muscle cars and save at the gas station to make ends meet. Hence the fuel system cleaner arrived. The one who patented the technology is Techron.

What happens with fuel to require cleaning?

Our vehicles burn the fuel and release the energy stored within. But just like all chemical process, there is also a carbon leftover. These carbon waste particles are formed and attach themselves to the backside of the intake valves, fuel lines, carburettors, injectors and throughout the combustion chamber.
For example, consider not cleaning your ovens or frying pans for a considerable amount of time. The continuous accumulation of this results in:

  • Loss of engine performance due to clogging of essential parts
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Increased emissions
  • Hard starts
Fuel System Cleaners help clean areas where the deposits are formed and help increase longevity of the parts where the deposits are formed and maintain efficiency.

What makes fuel system cleaners tick?

The secret ingredient is PEA (Polyetheramines). There are many other chemicals as well, but this is the most aggressive content in any standard fuel system cleaner.

  • PEA breaks down the deposits into soluble parts so that they can be easily washed away and burned through normal combustion
  • PEA has surface active nature so it is effective in preventing the formation of additional deposits

Things to look for while selecting your fuel system cleaner

  • Look for fuel system cleaners with minimum 30% PEA content, 30% - 50% is the optimum measure otherwise it will be too diluted
  • Choose fuel system cleaners that cleans and also help prevent deposits from forming, all the while protecting the areas
  • Avoid fuel system cleaners with Sulphur build up
  • Choose the fuel system cleaner compatible with your climate, cold or hot weather respectively; Fuel injector cleaners that are made of synthetic, natural, and organic ingredients for the fluidity of the liquid depending on the conditions
Now that we have established that fuel system cleaners are vital and a very beneficial product, let us consider "Why Red Line?".

Why Red Line Fuel System Cleaner?

RED LINE fuel system cleaner is a very unique product that helps in both cleaning and prevention of carbon deposits in your systems.

  • Red Line has a verified PEA content of 30% - 50% and can be confirmed in their MSDS, unlike the other competing fuel system cleaners whose PEA content cannot be confirmed; With Red Line, you know you are using the best product!
  • Red Line uses a synthetic blend of ingredients hence it assures no abrasive harm is caused to fuel lines
  • Designed to handle both the highest and lowest engine temperatures
There are many online reviews and rankings for FUEL SYSTEM CLEANERS, one constant in all of them is Red Line. Red Line can be found in top three of most of these reviews. For example:

  • SHED HEADS in their review of fuel system cleaners mention Red Line as the top choice for vehicles neglected throughout their lifetime
  • CAR BIBLES in their review of fuel system cleaners mentions Red Line gives 100% efficiency after first use
  • HELPFUL.REVIEWS in their review of fuel system cleaners mention, if you're looking to clean out your fuel system, injectors, and improve engine performance along the way then the Red Line SI-1 is the optimal product to choose
If a product does all this then it is worth the cost but how to ensure it does work is the question in your mind, right?

Well, Red Line gives result with the first bottle itself, so you can confirm it yourself before you make it a habit 😃

You can head over to our web-store and order Red Line SI-1® complete fuel system cleaner for yourself right away! To sweeten the deal, we are also giving a flat 15% off for the first 100 users. Do let us know in the comments below on how well it performed for you!

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