About You

Have you ever felt dread when the check engine light turns on? Or when the 1st reminder for oil change shows up on your dashboard? An average persons’ two biggest investments in his life are his home and his car. Very often, a car is as personal as IT gets. We are very uncomfortable when we drive somebody else’s vehicle and always feel a bit guilty. And when the cost of taking care of his car doesn’t make sense anymore, he is forced to sell it, and buy a new one.

What if I told you, you could move on, get the best fitments and keep your money and your car as well?

My founders realized the need for car ownership in the GCC is as important as water is to a fish. It is very hot, and public transport is not cheap. The need and ability to get to places is as if your lives ‘depend’ on it, and sometimes even your job. Some of my customers do spend more time in their cars than their homes. Imagine just one day, when your car air conditioning systems fail?

About Me

Hello Everyone. This is Tool-Jack. I was launched in 2017 by a group of young auto enthusiasts, who worked in the service and aftersales industry in and around UAE. My aim is to make car ownership affordable and keep it personal. I aim to be a service advisor for the uninitiated car owner as well as the too busy executive. Also, for the car lovers, I wish to provide the best of the best products for their cars.

We have one of the cheapest retail prices in the world for car parts and accessories and we aim to provide you with the widest choice as well.

About Us

  • Our Mission - To be an affordable, effective and reliable marketplace providing the widest choice for motorists.

  • Our Vision - To be the only pit stop you need.

  • Product / Service - We aim to revolutionize the automotive aftersales market in the UAE and wider region by creating an e-commerce store and platform that provides both products and services to businesses (B2B mainly workshops and independent garages) and end users (B2C).